Just finished moving into my “house” in Burlington for the semester. I’m back to school once again and attending Burlington College for a BA in Film Production. I share a house on campus with 4 gals and a dude but i got my own room to myself which isnt bad… pics soon? lol Also attending is Ryan so we should have a lot of fun and be wicked busy im sure. Free outdoor skatepark just a short walk from the house when the snow is gone and an indoor one 15 mins away. Bolton Valley (sick ski resort) also just 15 mins away. There is of course a pretty cool downtown strip area. There is alot of art and music here too, just gotta be on the look for it. And Pure Pop (record store) is awesome. All in all i’m happy to be out of Saratoga and excited to be busy as hell and working on film more.

I got some more updates coming real soon i believe like some photos and video news perhaps. take it easy and stay ambitious.