Delights and In The Flood

New Video for Ghoul Poon’s Delights and In The Flood from the album Voluntary Coma.

Directed by Asa Morris, Shane Sanchez, and Christopher Brown. Filmed mostly by Chris Brown with Shane Sanchez and Ryan Cambage. Edited by Chris Brown and Produced by Ghoul Poon.

This video was originally done by Asa Morris with stock footage of real people with mental disabilites and we remade it with original footage while trying to keep a very similar and mimicing look to it.
Asa’s version is here:

Ghoul Poon is playing
Cafe Lena in Saratoga Wed 6/30
Beat Shot Festival at Red Square in Albany 7/3
and more shows at UAG in Albany and Divinyl Revolution in Saratoga later on in July


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