Do The Fright Thing Vol. 3

Download it For FREE here:

Presented by Ghoul Poon, this Halloween compilation contains 25 tracks gtom local upstate new york area and national artists, and is awesome! I am on it once again this year with the opening track “Call Me Monster.”

Track List:
1. Christopher Brown – Call Me Monster
2. Black Andy – Graverobber
3. The Strange Walls – There Was an Old Woman all Skin and Bone
4. Marlo Eggplant – Bleep Babble
5. Cacaw – Pazuzu
6. Ghoul Poon – No Tricks ’til the Wound’s Treated
7. Holy Sheet – Warewulf
8. 1983 – Lonely Ghosts
9. Kite Person – Bloodsport
10. EGP – Trails from the Crypt
11. Le Sphinxx – Red Light
12. Wild Orphan – Asleep with Her Death
13. Capital Air – Dead Flowers
14. Pinkriverdolphin – Skeleton Dance
15. Nursing Home Discoveries – The Hitchiker
16. Manburger Surgical – Dismal Phantasm (Edit)
17. Tobiaz – You Fear It
18. Zilmrah – Spooks in a Shadow (Edit)
19. William Hale – The Tall Harvest
20. Girls of Porn – NBA Jam
21. Catacombz – Gold Mold
22. Advaita – The Ballad of Sid Vicious
23. Human Host & American Folklore – Eye of Newt
24. Birthdays – I’ve Been Growin
25. Asamorris – Let the Leaves Fall

Ghoul Poon’s music video for “No Tricks til The Wound’s Treated”
Directed by Shane Sanchez


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