3rd Annual Beat*Shot Music Fest in Albany

Thursday June 30, 2011 8:00pm-3:00am

“DJs & Dancers”

We kick-off your 3rd Annual Beat*Shot Music Festival with a dance party conducted by over 30 of the areas best DJ’s in Hip-Hop, R&B, House, Funk, Electro, Reggae, Dub-Step, Jungle, Breaks, Drum & Bass and Dance. Come witness Dj sets, crews, routines and turntablists! That’s just day one!!!

Friday July 1, 2011 6:00pm-3:00am

“The Away Team”
Some legends, some soon to be, have agreed to travel great distances to be with us on day two of the 3rd Annual Beat*Shot Music Festival. CT, MA, DT, NJ, NYC and even Scotia will be represented and we welcome them with open mics!!!! This is one of those rare occasions where we root for “The Away Team.” Also, our distant yet close relative “J-Live” will host and headline this night with W. Steele on the dex!

Saturday July 2, 2011 6:00pm-3:00am

This is the reason why the festival was started, to showcase our local talent. “Homecoming” encourages the area’s, emcees, singers, bands, poets, DJs and axe jugglers, to come give their all to the best crowd in Albany. This is the 3rd Annual Beat*Shot Music Festival finale and we are proud to present, Hip Hop Icon and Juice Crew All-Star, Masta-Ace & Marco Polo as the headliner! Beat*Shots own, Lo-Fi Lobo will host w/ Albany legend Nate Da Great spinning!

We look forward to your participation in this year’s 3rd Annual Beat*Shot Music Festival!

Red Square
388 Broadway Albany New York

Advance Ticket..$15:00 (All 3 days) Available until June 30.
Friday July 1st and/or Saturday July 2nd Ticket…$10.00 each day

NOTE* 21w/ID, 18 Plus will be charged an additional $5 which goes directly to the venue.

RSVP on Facebook here.


-The Beat*Shot Electric Co. (Dwell, Ofi & Trumastr)
-Dee Jay Tone
-DJ H20
-Peep This
-Dee Jay Element
-DJ Missing Ear
-Properly Chilled
-Deep Children
-DJ Shell Shock
-Jay Balance
-Nate Da Great
-W. Steele
-DJ Playground

…with a few more in a holding pattern!

Friday: J-Live
– Oddisee
– Brown Bag All Stars
– Matthew Jay R
– Algorhythm
– Ses Da Great
– Benji Blanco
– IAmMany
– YC the Cynic
– SleepWalkas
– M-TRI & DJ Leecy T
– Heroes on Drugs
– Dante LaSalle
– Beatboxer Entertainment
– Anneice Cousin
– The High Life
– Birthdays
– Juicemega w/ T.G.
– Hip Hop Legacy
– Homeboy Sandman
– Prinze Royal Elite
– Rugged N Raw
– Grimace
– Witness
– Has-lo
– Pnal w/ A.O.N.
– Broadcast Live
– Readnex Poetry Squad
– The Chronicles
– G.C.E.
– Joe Stories
– M.D.-E
– L&R
– Boy Genius
– Origin
– Caz
– Rebel Diaz
– El Gant

Saturday- Masta Ace & Marco Polo
-Tame One
-Sev Statik
-Oddy Gato
-Iron Bar Collective
-Killa Kev
-Fitted w/ Marvalous
-Big Malk & Jack of All Trades
-Muscle City
-Mizery Crew
-The Logical
-Flight Distance
-Todd-O w/ EBTD
-Uno LaVous
-Mic Lanny
-Rits Krack
-Sime Gezus
-Mista Pigz
-Animal Cracker
-Young Malk
-El Sphinx
-Bway w/ KloqWork
-Deezy Blaze
-Underground System Afrobeat
-Devin B
-Mr. Moore
-Ja Ja Gibore & G Baggz
-Mirk & King Dreams
-Tweed Mcgee
-Ghoul Poon
-Apache Chief
-Rick Whispers
-The Vinylcologist w/ Ed Powers
-Dao Jones
-Critical Beatz w/ KR


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