Havn’t updated in over a month…

Been very busy lately and losing some of the productive steam, but Chainsaw Disco does have some things in the works. Working on editing the Pete Pluto (Sime Gezus) music video “Lil Off Kilter” which I hope to submit, alongside other works by Shane and I, in this years Peoples’ Pixel Project film fest put on by Lake George Arts – -check it out. Chainsaw Disco Films won an award last year for our music video for Ghoul Poon “Delights and in the Flood.”

Also working on a facebook page for Chainsaw Disco Films that I will hound you all to ‘like’ soon.
Possibly starting a new music project too hopefuly, but we’ll see what happens…

In the mean time i have been reading my good friend, and occasional band mate, Asa’s blog where he’s been writing a novel for november it’s great –

Also checking out some new releases by Lofi Kabuki Records for FREE over at

Tis the season of getting cold and lazy but i’ll get more motivated soon.


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