RIP Daniel Levy

Dan Levy was an inspiring, talented, and creative artist and skateboarder, as well as an all around good dude. He was one of my favorite people to skateboard and film with, and I wished we had been better friends. In the little but valued time I knew Dan I shared alot of great moments, many of them on video which I share with you here. All of his friends miss him and he will be remembered always.

Dan’s Art Blog:

Here are some Rated gnaR Film moments for the full length skate film Dirty Maneuver which I was working on with Dan and many other friends (which remains unfinished but mostly online in parts).
Some trailers and a day session (as appears on the Dirty Maneuver page). His final, awesome, part is unfortunately unavailible online due to music copyright issues… Ryan C has it though.

Dirty Maneuver “Ride With Us” Trailer by Chris Brown

The Dirty Maneuver Day Off Day Session By Chris Brown

DM Trailer 4 By Ryan Cambage

DM Trailer 3 By Chris Brown

(trailer 2 was copyright blocked on the music so changed very little to make trailer 3)

DM Trailer 1 By Chris Brown

Thanks, and share.
If anyone wants me to add anything let me know.


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