A very blog-like post…

Well the new year is well underway and while things haven’t really been happening, they totally have been. Not much recent film work or releases or endeavors, but we’re getting there. Doing some small things here and there and working towards finishing old, and working on new projects, asap. Tax season is here so been saving some money and eventually will get a new MacBook Pro when my refund gets here, so that’s exciting.

Can’t really be any happier with the weather lately, been doing some skating and apparently might have a part in a new, someone else’s, skateboard film this summer. Filmed a couple small antics already. Did soem brief, surreal documentary filming with a friend Josh recently while he was working on his photography/ art… pretty interesting, The footage will make it somewhere in the future.

Musically i’ve been doing some jamming and recording with Shane and John (Black Ships, Ghoul Poon) and other friends which has been a blast and sounding great. Hopefully a focused music project is in the near furure.

Been staying bust but hopefully mroe noticably soon, stay tuned.


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