Sun Burdens “Fools Song” (Music Video)

Sun Burdens %22Fools Song%22 Image

Screen shot of Michael Brown from Sun Burdens “Fools Song” by Christopher Brown

I made this video for Super Dark Home Video Season 2 and the 7th annual Peoples Pixel Project (2016 film fest) from The Lake George Arts Project – which won an award in the Tunes category.

About the Making Of:

This footage was shot for fun over the winter of 2014 in hope to get some clips for Michael Brown’s acting real as well as use for some short film or other video ideas – like this one.
It’s all pretty winged in the moment along these train tracks and bridge in Wilton, NY, which i’ve always liked as an interesting location. I revisited the old footage and cut it to about 10 minutes which is like 8 more minutes than the song.

The song “Fools Song” by Sun Burdens (the mostly solo project of Shane Sanchez with collaborations with other musicians like myself) was made by Shane and I in one spontaneous recording session quite a few summers ago. Shane does the percussion and vocals and I do the guitar – we were going for an old-timey 50’s sounding style. I’ve always really liked this song and it has been in the back of my mind for potential music video ideas. This song was eventually released on the ‘Brush of Dream Rush’ album which is downloadable for free at

So I combined the song and footage and had to tediously cut it all up and way down to satisfy an appropriate length. I played around the with the coloring and stylizing effects such as Luma Key to ultimately come up with this look.

Thanks for watching and keep an eye out for this and other original music videos in Super Dark Home Video Season 2 coming TBA.


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