It’s finally here!!! Super Dark Home Video: Season 2.0!!!
Under the heavy influence of classic TV shows like Idiot Box, Liquid Television & 120 Minutes, ​Super Dark Home Video Season 2.0 is an old school MTV style television show hosted by the Super Dark Collective.
We will be showing music videos from bands who have played or were slated to play a Super Dark event, as well as public submissions.
Season 2.0 is our latest project as we try to figure out what to do for musicians and artists in the midst of COVID-19. We will be releasing episodes on a bi-weekly basis!
GET INVOLVED! Send us your music videos! All submissions to

Episode 1: DA’s

During the new series we’ll be attempting to premier some “lost” episodes – what was basically going to be the season linking season one to the music video style show we are going with season 2.0. AND also maybe some special live episodes – as in all live videos from shows in the archives!

for more info and the latest episodes/ scheduled premiers!

Hope you all are staying safe and productive!