Being Both ‘Her Words My Mouth’


Being Both is a collaborative (experimental by process) project between Brooklyn, NY writer/ photographer Shannon LaRue and Troy, NY multi-instrumentalist Christopher Simple (Brown). 

‘Her Words, My Mouth’ (released November 27, 2020) arranges previously written works of LaRue’s poetry and writings to Brown’s (separately & unrelated) previously improvised and recorded loops and noodles, and then crafted by Brown into songs with some overdubbed guitars, keys, and/ or percussion.
Sang by Brown, but LaRue does spoken word on a few tracks.  

Words – Poems & Writings – by Shannon LaRue 
(on Instagram as @being_both) 
See/ purchase her writing/ photography book 
‘Image of the Burning Image Set In Stone’ & more via 
New Humanisms Press at

Sounds – Keys, Guitars, Percussion, Vocals* – by Christopher Brown 
(on SoundCloud as ChristopherSimple)

*except tracks 1, 6, & 9 
Spoken word vocals by Shannon LaRue 

Recorded and Mixed by Christopher Brown at Send More Devo Studio 
Mastered by Paul Coleman at House of Sinkcharmer 

Album art by Shannon LaRue 
(photo of Christopher circa 2004)

“Picturing Picturing” by Being Both (Official Music Video)

Directed, filmed, edited by, & starring Christopher Brown

featuring images from ‘Image of the Burning Image Set in Stone’ (a creative writing/ photography book) by Shannon LaRue published 2019 via New Humanisms Press

from the 2020 album, ‘Her Words, My Mouth’ on streaming sites or free download/ donation for benefit via bandcamp: https://thekingofnothingnowhere.bandc…

©2020 Bad Culture Films/ Being Both


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