Couples Costume ‘Cold Lava Landscapes’


Couples Costume “Cold Lava Landscapes” (2021)

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Cold Lava Landscapes is a live, improvised, minimalist collaboration between Bunny Bones (Tessia Bekelja) & The King of Nothing Nowhere (Christopher Simple [Brown]). This 6 movement session was recorded by candlelight & lava lamp on March 27, 2021. 

Upon listening back, we felt the conceptual vibe of a volcanic planet frozen over; it’s atmosphere, surface, structures, and secrets. Cold Lava Landscapes is the experimental score to this expedition, setting the tone for exploration, study, and discovery.

Bunny Bones – Synth: Korg microKorg 
The K.O.N.N. – Synth: Novation miniNova, Pedals: TC Electronics Flashback, Line 6 Verbzilla 

Recorded and Mixed by Christopher Simple (Brown)

Album art by Tessia Bekelja 
(from her collage “Crystal Missive”)


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