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Christopher Brown

Filmmaker, Musician, and Skateboarder from Saratoga Springs, NY, constantly involved in these creative platforms as a means for expression, creativity, documentation, and of course entertainment and fun. Brown often collaborates with fellow artists, musicians, filmmakers, and close friends. Bad Culture Films is the solo production alias consisting of works of or involving Christopher Brown.

Short Bio:
Since 2002, Christopher Brown has been working on video projects consisting of various music videos, skateboarding videos, short films, and live music/performance. Brown has consistently worked with fellow filmmaker/musician Shane Sanchez, and their collaborative work is showcased in Sanchez’s releases ’100 Psychic Dreams’ DVD in 2010 and ‘I Dare You Vol. 1’ VHS mixtape in 2011. In 2013, Brown displayed a culmination of his work at ‘Art Beyond the Gallery,’ an anthropology capstone by Marielle Briant, giving a fresh perspective on art and community in Saratoga Springs. Alongside a photographer and textile artist, Brown displayed over an hour’s worth of various videos on four different televisions. He also included collages, photos, and broken skateboards to personalize the art experience. Brown has received multiple awards from the Lake George Arts Project’s annual ‘Peoples’ Pixel Project’ and continues to submit each year. As a music video director, Brown as worked with the bands Bourbon Scum, Contact Kiss, The Black Ships, and Swanfeeder. In addition to visual arts, Brown is an avid skateboarder and multi-instrumentalist.

More Info:
Brown is considered a guerrilla filmmaker who makes low budget videos using iPhones, outdated, and broken equipment. Brown has always used his means to create, express, and capture ideas resulting in a multitude of video work of various styles. Referring to much of his art as nostalgic, or nostalgArt, many of his videos are a personal catalog of achievements, memories, and an archive of the lives of Brown and his close friends. He also likes to highlight art within art in much of his work–placing an important role on not only how the video is constructed (directing, shooting, editing…) but what it portrays. For example, the art of skateboarding or the music used/ performed. Brown uses a variety of original, local music (including his own), as well as copyrighted, more well known music as a tool to motivate editing choices and drive content, as well as to entertain and share with his audience.

AA Cinema Studies/ Film Production
–Burlington College, VT, 2012.
AA Radio/ Television Broadcasting
–Adirondack Community College, NY, 2008.

“Fishing Plus” fake ad/promo Directed by Christopher Brown
Peoples Pixel Project Lake George Arts film fest for Short Shorts. 2014
“Love Ritual” short film Directed by Super Dark Collective
Peoples Pixel Project Lake George Arts film fest for Narrative. 2014
“Cities of Scandal” music video Directed by Shane Sanchez
Peoples Pixel Project Lake George Arts film fest for Tunes. 2012.
“Summer Session 2010” skate video Directed by Chris Brown
Peoples Pixel Project Lake George Arts film fest for Get Reel. 2012.
“Delights and in the Flood” music video by Ghoul Poon, Directed by Asa Morris, Shane Sanchez, Chris Brown
Peoples Pixel Project Lake George Arts film fest for Tunes. 2011.


Super Dark Home Video
SDHV is a Saratoga Springs based public access television show.

Super Dark Collective
A Saratoga Springs, NY based collective of artists and musicians.
Brown is a frequent contributor as well as an involved filmmaker and musician.
Super Dark Facebook

Rated gnaR Films
Brown also co-created Rated gnaR Films in 2008 with friends/skaters/filmmakers, Casey Schultz and Ryan Cambage. Rated gnaR is their production alias for creating skateboarding videos.
See the Dirty Maneuver page.

Chainsaw Disco Films
The collaborative filmmaking of Shane Sanchez and Christopher Brown, consisting mostly of cusic videos and experimental shorts.
‘100 Psychic Dreams’ – DVD of Ghoul Poon music videos released by Sanchez in 2010.
‘I Dare You Vol. 1’ VHS mixtape released by Sanchez in 2011.
Chainsaw Disco YouTube