Couples Costume ‘Cold Lava Landscapes’


Couples Costume “Cold Lava Landscapes” (2021)

Stream/ Download the album for free at

Cold Lava Landscapes is a live, improvised, minimalist collaboration between Bunny Bones (Tessia Bekelja) & The King of Nothing Nowhere (Christopher Simple [Brown]). This 6 movement session was recorded by candlelight & lava lamp on March 27, 2021. 

Upon listening back, we felt the conceptual vibe of a volcanic planet frozen over; it’s atmosphere, surface, structures, and secrets. Cold Lava Landscapes is the experimental score to this expedition, setting the tone for exploration, study, and discovery.

Bunny Bones – Synth: Korg microKorg 
The K.O.N.N. – Synth: Novation miniNova, Pedals: TC Electronics Flashback, Line 6 Verbzilla 

Recorded and Mixed by Christopher Simple (Brown)

Album art by Tessia Bekelja 
(from her collage “Crystal Missive”)

Being Both ‘Her Words My Mouth’


Being Both is a collaborative (experimental by process) project between Brooklyn, NY writer/ photographer Shannon LaRue and Troy, NY multi-instrumentalist Christopher Simple (Brown). 

‘Her Words, My Mouth’ (released November 27, 2020) arranges previously written works of LaRue’s poetry and writings to Brown’s (separately & unrelated) previously improvised and recorded loops and noodles, and then crafted by Brown into songs with some overdubbed guitars, keys, and/ or percussion.
Sang by Brown, but LaRue does spoken word on a few tracks.  

Words – Poems & Writings – by Shannon LaRue 
(on Instagram as @being_both) 
See/ purchase her writing/ photography book 
‘Image of the Burning Image Set In Stone’ & more via 
New Humanisms Press at

Sounds – Keys, Guitars, Percussion, Vocals* – by Christopher Brown 
(on SoundCloud as ChristopherSimple)

*except tracks 1, 6, & 9 
Spoken word vocals by Shannon LaRue 

Recorded and Mixed by Christopher Brown at Send More Devo Studio 
Mastered by Paul Coleman at House of Sinkcharmer 

Album art by Shannon LaRue 
(photo of Christopher circa 2004)

“Picturing Picturing” by Being Both (Official Music Video)

Directed, filmed, edited by, & starring Christopher Brown

featuring images from ‘Image of the Burning Image Set in Stone’ (a creative writing/ photography book) by Shannon LaRue published 2019 via New Humanisms Press

from the 2020 album, ‘Her Words, My Mouth’ on streaming sites or free download/ donation for benefit via bandcamp: https://thekingofnothingnowhere.bandc…

©2020 Bad Culture Films/ Being Both

Quarantine Shirts

A Covid-19 Instagram Story Compilation Video.

During the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic I shouted out nearly all of my 60+ band shirts of friends & artists via Instagram stories @Christopher_Simple. I kept each post and compiled them into this love/ appreciation video selfied & edited by me, Christopher Simple (Brown). Music: “Letting the Light In” by Being Both.


It’s finally here!!! Super Dark Home Video: Season 2.0!!!
Under the heavy influence of classic TV shows like Idiot Box, Liquid Television & 120 Minutes, ​Super Dark Home Video Season 2.0 is an old school MTV style television show hosted by the Super Dark Collective.
We will be showing music videos from bands who have played or were slated to play a Super Dark event, as well as public submissions.
Season 2.0 is our latest project as we try to figure out what to do for musicians and artists in the midst of COVID-19. We will be releasing episodes on a bi-weekly basis!
GET INVOLVED! Send us your music videos! All submissions to

Episode 1: DA’s

During the new series we’ll be attempting to premier some “lost” episodes – what was basically going to be the season linking season one to the music video style show we are going with season 2.0. AND also maybe some special live episodes – as in all live videos from shows in the archives!

for more info and the latest episodes/ scheduled premiers!

Hope you all are staying safe and productive!

Isolation = New-Old Skate Vids!

So finally compiled and put together DIRTY MANEUVER – a Saratoga Springs, NY based skateboarding film by rated gnaR films, in association with Bad Culture Films, Rec City Skates, and Wild Abandoned. (See the Dirty Maneuver tab on my site here for the whole story!)

And put out a “selfie skate” video in which over a few summer’s filmed myself getting clips that we’re most likely just seen on instagram posts or not at all:

Hopefully this productivity will keep continuing!


Been over a year now, there’s just too much to blog about with all of the wonderful music  things happening. No time to update/ post about any of it! Maybe i’ll get to something soon, but the Super Dark events on Mondays and Thursdays at Desperate Annie’s in Saratoga have been going great, as well as the monthly First Friday shows at Pint Sized in Albany. Both of my solo albums are on streaming sites for the heck of it. My bands Mr Cancelled and Blood Blood Blood both put out debut cassettes last year via Super Dark Records, and are also streaming, and Mr Cancelled is currently recording the next EP to hopefully split with Comrade Nixon. Also I joined Steve Hammond and His Rabid Children and we’ve been playing a bunch of shows around including a recent trip to Montreal in Canada. Super Dark and Queen of the Scene were supposed to co-host a bunch of South By SouthWest (SXSW) showcases in Austin, TX but the festival got cancelled due to the current Corona Virus freakout (to which I may be under quarantine right now for very silly reasons related to pharmacy work). Not much video happenings anymore but hopefully i’ll update that eventually as well. Catch ya later???
Chris musee by Tessia


chris nye
^Last pic of 2018.
Well this is by far the longest period I’ve ever gone without updating this site, but it has been a busy year!
The main website to check out is SUPER DARK
for all things shows/ flyers/ live videos/ & more!
I recently released a new/old experimental, nostalgic, live King of Nothing Nowhere album – Live Offerings from the Church of Errors on my recent birthday (free download).
live offerings album cover
And i’m psyched to say my collection of old, broken skateboards has finally found a home as a coffee table made by Delia, and a mural/ part of the wall at 51 3rd – a friend’s DIY space/ home that has been an important part of the culture in Troy, NY – previously (and now occasionally) hosting many awesome & experimental shows/ performances.

Currently getting ready to release a tape from the newly recorded Mr. Cancelled album ‘Every Town Has Its Dolls’ coming soon to the Super Dark Records bandcamp.
And other than that the Super Dark Live Video YouTube has hit well over 600 videos now!
There’s too much to keep track of… in the best way. Happy 2019!


SUPER DARK Collective is now hosting shows every Thursday at River Street Pub in Troy, NY starting 12/14/17.

With that there is a new youtube playlist for the Thursday series:

Videos shot by Christopher Brown. To see the latest flyers (made by Shane Sanchez), full event schedule, and other content visit the SUPER DARK Collective Tumblr Site.

Super Dark Mondays at One Caroline

Original, underground, live music (such as psych jazz, noise rock, post punk, synthpop, experimental folk, and much more) performed Monday nights at One Caroline Street Bistro in Saratoga Springs, NY.
Booked by Shane Sanchez and friends, Super Dark Mondays has some great local, regional, national, and even international!? artists coming through.
Check out the flyer for the March schedule below:
Christopher Brown will also be filming some songs/ live clips every Monday for the Super Dark Live Music youtube. Check out the SUPER DARK MONDAYS video playlist below:

Follow the SUPER DARK COLLECTIVE Facebook page for more shows and the latest happenings


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