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(via Ghoul Poon)

Ghoul Poon – The Cosmic Conversation

1. The Bed in My Past-Life
2. Morbid Gossip and Death were in the Sky
3. Traveling through Static Tunnels
4. Hungry Mirror
5. Beach Crash
6. The Invisible Choir

cover art by Ben Gabelman

available January 2011 on handmade digipacks via LOFI KABUKI

I got a sneak peak at this EP and its fantastic so check it out in January! and have a great Xmas!

Albany noise boys rejoice! Two new records are available for FREE at the Lofi Kabuki bandcamp page.


A collaboration by Rob Cole (Bad Costume / Babysitter / The Parkinsons) and Jason Cosco (1983 / Grab Ass Cowboys / The Parkinsons). Unpure basement tape-chaotic drum-ear drum-rape and pillage. They’re really quite sorry.


A collaboration by Shane Sanchez (Ghoul Poon) and Jeff Hassfurter. Originally recorded in 2007. Acoustic folk fuck coyote summoning tape deck brain squirts (plus covers of collaborations by Daniel Johnston and Jad Fair and Sunn O))) and Merzbow). Heaaavvyy!

ALSO! Bleeding Hands

all on

Check it out


I think I am deciding to eliminate the shows section and just update flyers and events as a blog post. Seams more logical.
So here is a couple awesome shows coming up. check it out.

as reposted from Ghoul Poon’s BlogSite:

While I was in Brooklyn last month I had the chance to record a Nitetrotter session at Apparition Studios with Lawrence Romani (Zilmrah). I had Nico & Mike from Severe Severe join me in some live performances of songs from the Bastard Sorcerer LP as well as a new song “Mighty Vortex of Sissy Abuser” I wrote with Asa Morris earlier this summer.

Check it out here and download some free tunes:

Ghoul Poon – Nitetrotter Session (11/12/10)

1. Botanica
2. Fatal Biology
3. Invisible Party
4. Mighty Vortex of Sissy Abuser
5. The Science of Horses

Ghoul Poon opened for Dan Deacon and Lightnin Bolt at Northern lights in Clifton Park, NY on 10/14/10.
Here are a couple songs (See below post for Dan Deacon and Lighning Bolt Videos).


Fatal Biology

and here’s a random clip i came across owning of the Grabass Cowboys live at UAG back on 2/7/09

Live at Northern Lights 10/14/10. In order as filmed. Filmed by Chris Brown… yes his name is spelled wrong in the video…

Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon bizarre dance party round 1

Dan Deacon crazy dance party round 2

Lightning Bolt

Due to the number of submissions for Do The Fright Thing VOl. 3 and how awesome they were, an additional EP had to be put out. Download the 8 song EP for free here:

Do The Fright Thing Vol. 3 Bonus EP

Fright on!


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