Sun Burdens %22Fools Song%22 Image

Screen shot of Michael Brown from Sun Burdens “Fools Song” by Christopher Brown

I made this video for Super Dark Home Video Season 2 and the 7th annual Peoples Pixel Project (2016 film fest) from The Lake George Arts Project – which won an award in the Tunes category.

About the Making Of:

This footage was shot for fun over the winter of 2014 in hope to get some clips for Michael Brown’s acting real as well as use for some short film or other video ideas – like this one.
It’s all pretty winged in the moment along these train tracks and bridge in Wilton, NY, which i’ve always liked as an interesting location. I revisited the old footage and cut it to about 10 minutes which is like 8 more minutes than the song.

The song “Fools Song” by Sun Burdens (the mostly solo project of Shane Sanchez with collaborations with other musicians like myself) was made by Shane and I in one spontaneous recording session quite a few summers ago. Shane does the percussion and vocals and I do the guitar – we were going for an old-timey 50’s sounding style. I’ve always really liked this song and it has been in the back of my mind for potential music video ideas. This song was eventually released on the ‘Brush of Dream Rush’ album which is downloadable for free at

So I combined the song and footage and had to tediously cut it all up and way down to satisfy an appropriate length. I played around the with the coloring and stylizing effects such as Luma Key to ultimately come up with this look.

Thanks for watching and keep an eye out for this and other original music videos in Super Dark Home Video Season 2 coming TBA.

Swanfeeder at Putnam Den 9:5:15

Here is most of the SWANFEEDER debut set at Putnam Den in Saratoga, NY 9/5/15 before my camera died.

“Kingsteen Killmar”

“Sleep Creep”

“Meat of the Mouse”

“Light of Day”

“Rotted Out”

Download their debut album for free on the Lofi Kabuki Bandcamp page

Now that June is almost over…

Super Dark Home Video’s first season has finished airing and all the episodes are online, i even made a playlist of the first season (see below), but for now Channel Albany and Look TV will be rerunning the episodes at the same schedule for now which is awesome so people can check them out again/ discover them/ whatever. And of course all the info and episodes are up at the site as well. We will be updating the news blog on the site as we continue to work on SDHV season two. Follow us on facebook and twitter and any other social media to catch the latest happenings.

Also, be on the look out for summer shows with The Black Ships, Asa Morris and…, and Eternal Crimes as we will all be playing some fun ones.


Happy May! Finally it’s warm.

Haven’t been doing much on this page but the SUPER DARK HOME VIDEO site is being updated often, especially with new episodes airing biweekly. Season One is almost half over! Also adding a lot of behind the scenes photos of Season One and Two at the SDHV Facebook page.

Made a little edit from last years adventure at Americade in Lake George with Casey Schultz and Tony DeLessio. Because of the music (Death From Above 1979), or more so the label(s) and youtube, it is blocked in 16 countries including the U.S. a new record for me. But the video lives on on Vimeo. Not much skating was recorded but still fun, check it out:

Also, I have been playing with The Black Ships and Asa Morris so check out upcoming shows:

5/8 The Black Ships, Celestial Shore, Comfy, and Slowshine at Fuze Box in Albany, NY

5/9 Asa Morris and I Will Need Bail and William Hale at Old Station Inn in Greenwich, NY

SDHV Trailer Flyer

Super Dark Home Video Season One will start airing SATURDAY MARCH 28, 2015 at 12:00 MIDNIGHT on Look TV,

online at, and coming soon to Channel Albany.

Check out the new, official trailer for SDHV Season One featuring clips from music videos, short films,live performances, skits, and more. All original content from artists in and around Upstate, NY.

Trailer directed, compiled, and edited by Christopher Brown, with additional editing by Shane Sanchez. Music by Sanchez/ Brown. ©2015 Super Dark Home Video

SDHV profile pic

Home Body at 51 3rd 6:13:14

Photo and Videos by Christopher Brown

Home Body (from North Hampton, MA) perform at 51 3rd in Troy, NY 6/13/14

Also on this bill was Moon Magik and Eternal Crimes

Something Tempting (with noise jam ending)

unknown song with dance ending

Tits to the Sky (with noise ender)

Check out more at

Here are a few videos of excerpts from three experimental music sets at the Upstate Artists Guild in Albany, NY 4/22/14

I’ve had them on the back burner for a while and now they are finally uploaded. Filmed by Christopher Brown.

1983/ Meg Duffy (Jason Cosco of The Grabass Cowboys/ What Moon Things collab with Meg of Hand Habits)

Jefferson Pitcher

Tolvi-Corsano Duo (Jazz drummer meets circuit bent synth shredder)

A couple new videos from a great show last summer. ETERNAL CRIMES performs at 51 3rd, Troy, NY 6/13/14. Filmed by Christopher Brown.

Download/ Stream their debut album DREAM GAG at

“Past Lives”  (from their upcoming album TBA currently in the recording stages)

“Language of Flowers” (from the album Dream Gag)

Also on this bill were MOON MAGIK (albany, ny) and HOME BODY (north hampton, ma)

SDHV profile pic

Now that Halloween is over and the Halloween Special aired Saturdays Oct 25th an Nov 1st on Look TV, it’s time to finish up season one.

Check out the website for trailers, updates, and eventual episodes as they begin to air on basic cable.

Here’s a little glimpse of SUPER DARK HOME VIDEO Season One from a collage of screen shots from the episodes that i put together.

SDHV Screen Shot Banner

And the full SDHV 1 Hour Halloween Special is up on the site to watch anytime!

SUPER DARK HOME VIDEO presents the Halloween Special

SDHV Halloween Flyer SDHV Halloween Flyer2

airing Saturday October 25th at Midnight on Look TV

check out the trailer

Trailer edited and music by Christopher Brown

featuring Gary Ziroli

additional music: “Piano Piece” by Asa Morris


view more at

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