Rated gnaR Films presents “Dirty Maneuver”
a Saratoga Springs, NY based full-length skateboarding video

In summer of 2008 Ryan Cambage, Casey Ray Schultz, and I established Rated gnaR Films to produce a semi-full length skateboarding film. Dirty Maneuver was mostly filmed that summer of 2008 and through 2009, but filming here and there continued until 2010 roughly.

The full DVD release and even YouTube (which had only been around like 3 years) release became overwhelming, old news, and scrapped as a full concept but the skate parts themselves eventually made it all on line until the Corona Virus pandemic where Chris assembled and completed (enough) the video with bonus material and uploaded it March of 2020.

Christopher Brown
Ryan Cambage
Paul Decrescenzo
Daniel Levy
Casey Ray Schultz
Zak Young

It’s mostly filmed in Saratoga Springs, NY. But also includes areas of Albany, Schenectady, Glens Falls, Warrensburg, Ballston Spa, Schuylerville, Wilton, Troy, and Lake George. And even some in Burlington, VT in 2010.

Directed and assembled by Christopher Brown
Filmed and edited mainly by Christopher Brown and Ryan Cambage
with additional filming by Casey Ray Schultz, Tony Delessio, Nicholas Blair, Daniel Levy, and Zak Young.
(Each part contains it’s own list of credits in the end credits)
Produced by Rated gnaR Films.

Chris Kickflip Self ServeDan Self Serve2

Additional DM related videos & trailers:

Dirty Maneuver “Ride With Us” Trailer by Christopher Brown

Dirty Maneuver Trailer 4/ Rated gnaR 2010 Promo by Christopher Brown

The Dirty Maneuver Day Off Day Session By Christopher Brown

DM Trailer 4 By Ryan Cambage

DM Trailer 3 By Christopher Brown

(trailer 2 was copyright blocked on the music so changed very little to make trailer 3)

DM Trailer 1 By Christopher Brown