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I am showing a collage of video stuff and probably a debut music video at the Feneex gallery on Beekman St in Saratoga Springs later this month. It is not only videos that i have made and helped make but also an insight to me and the culture, art, and community that I am apart of.

The show is Sunday April 21st and will feature two other artists, check out the facebook event below for more detailed info, and come say hi.

Art Beyond the Gallery

Also, be sure to check out, like, share, and get involved in the
Super Dark Collective
on Facebook – Saratoga based artists and musicians

Here is an old demo reel I had thrown together for a class

Art and Shows

NostalgiArt part II

This is a collage of ticket stubs that I have found that I have kept over the last ten years spanning 2002 to 2012. There are some gems in there, it was fun to put this together as a creative and meaningful piece of art.

Also, been seeing lots of music lately as always and updating my Facebook albums. Heres a couple links to my shows album and latest happenings album which re constantly being updated.

Shows 2012:

In 2012…:

Dan Levy – Dirty Maneuver

Here it is, finally!

Rated gnaR Films presents Daniel Levy’s film part for Dirty Maneuver (the closing part of the film).
Filmed from 2008 to 2010, periodically, in Saratoga, Albany, Schenectady, and Troy, NY.
Filmed mostly by Chris Brown, Ryan Cambage, and Casey Schultz, edit by Ryan Cambage, produced by Rated gnaR Films.

We’re proud to finally share Dan’s part with the world after it being blocked by copyright upon its original upload months ago… this part, nothing less than epic, really demostrates Daniel’s raw talent and creativity on a skatebaord, as well as his antics of fun and frustration while shooting. Throughout the making of this video, and any other time with Dan, was a blast. He was one of my all time favorite people to skate/ film with, and he always helped to push me and bring out the best in my ability. This is also true with his other friends and Rated gnaR crew like Casey Schultz, Ryan Cambage, and Zak Young.

This video is dedicated to Dan, in loving memory, and his friends and family. Memories like these will live on forever, and through Dan’s art and inspiration, on and off a skateboard, he can truely never die.

Thanks for watching, reading, and sharing!
-Chris and the entire Rated gnaR crew, much love.


school is over so working on some things. taking two summer classes, going to be staying plenty busy. if ur on tumblr check out some stuff i’ve been posting… new, old, friend related, music related, ect.

Chris Brown Productions Tumblr

live video of when Ivan and I played the GUmbo art show at Burlington College

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