Ghoul Poon fan video by Ben Gableman

Some awesome new Ghoul Poon related media has just been released and I can’t help but to share it…

First off another music video for Ghoul Poon’s “Delights and In The Flood” has just surfaced, and it is a Fan Made video by a friend Ben Gableman. Consisting mainly of ice cubes melting this video is far from such a dull concept, check it out!

Ghoul Poon – Delights and In The Flood (music video) from Ben Gabelman on Vimeo.

Ben is a Motion Media major at Savannah College of Art and Design, check out some of his work,


The Cosmic Conversation
brand new Ghoul Poon album coming very soon

Here is also an awesome review by Sleeping Shaman of Ghoul Poon’s “Bastard Sorcerer” LP and “100 Psychic Dreams” DVD

New Music…

(via Ghoul Poon)

Ghoul Poon – The Cosmic Conversation

1. The Bed in My Past-Life
2. Morbid Gossip and Death were in the Sky
3. Traveling through Static Tunnels
4. Hungry Mirror
5. Beach Crash
6. The Invisible Choir

cover art by Ben Gabelman

available January 2011 on handmade digipacks via LOFI KABUKI

I got a sneak peak at this EP and its fantastic so check it out in January! and have a great Xmas!

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