Do The Fright Thing Vol. 5 (Double LP)

Cover art by Paper Teeth (Jake and Dana Brady)

For the first time in some years now GHOUL POON Presents Do The Fright Thing Vol. 5. This double LP and all of the previous DTFT Halloween Compilations are available for FREE DOWNLOAD at

I’m psyched to be apart of it once again with my song “Death Sings,” and Vol. 5 features over 30 other local and regional musicians/ bands.

Hell Rides a White Horse

Check out the new Halloween themed music video for
Ghoul Poon’s “Hell Rides a White Horse”
from the Do the Fright Thing Vol. 4 compilation just released at
The video is directed by Shane Sanchez, and I contributed filming, editing, and other support.

Copyright 2011 Chainsaw Disco Films / Lofi Kabuki Records

Do The Fright Thing Vol. 4

This years Halloween Comp is complete and features a new solo-type song by me as well as a new song from Contact Kiss, and of course many other awesome local artist. check it out for free.

via Ghoul Poon / Lofi Kabuki

It’s finally here! That time of year when you bust out the Nirvana hoodies, mix your favorite whiskey with hot cider and debate whether or not donning blackface for your Mr. T costume would be a great idea. It’s also that time of year when yours truly opens his haunted email box & takes submissions for Upstate New York’s (and beyond) annual Halloween compilation series, ‘Do the Fright Thing’! This is year four, and as usual all apologies to those who didn’t make the cut.. Here is a fantastic collection of eerie music from some of the areas best electro rockers, punkers, noise-o-weirdos and folkies to make your costume party not suck. Enjoy!


Do The Fright Thing Vol. 3

Download it For FREE here:

Presented by Ghoul Poon, this Halloween compilation contains 25 tracks gtom local upstate new york area and national artists, and is awesome! I am on it once again this year with the opening track “Call Me Monster.”

Track List:
1. Christopher Brown – Call Me Monster
2. Black Andy – Graverobber
3. The Strange Walls – There Was an Old Woman all Skin and Bone
4. Marlo Eggplant – Bleep Babble
5. Cacaw – Pazuzu
6. Ghoul Poon – No Tricks ’til the Wound’s Treated
7. Holy Sheet – Warewulf
8. 1983 – Lonely Ghosts
9. Kite Person – Bloodsport
10. EGP – Trails from the Crypt
11. Le Sphinxx – Red Light
12. Wild Orphan – Asleep with Her Death
13. Capital Air – Dead Flowers
14. Pinkriverdolphin – Skeleton Dance
15. Nursing Home Discoveries – The Hitchiker
16. Manburger Surgical – Dismal Phantasm (Edit)
17. Tobiaz – You Fear It
18. Zilmrah – Spooks in a Shadow (Edit)
19. William Hale – The Tall Harvest
20. Girls of Porn – NBA Jam
21. Catacombz – Gold Mold
22. Advaita – The Ballad of Sid Vicious
23. Human Host & American Folklore – Eye of Newt
24. Birthdays – I’ve Been Growin
25. Asamorris – Let the Leaves Fall

Ghoul Poon’s music video for “No Tricks til The Wound’s Treated”
Directed by Shane Sanchez

Happy October!

Whew so i am beginning to play some catch up here… reconnecting with the internet. Lots of exciting things have been happening, kinda.

Most recently put up a couple live videos of William Hale live at Hot Shots this past summer, filmed by both Shane, and can be found at:

Working on a couple small projects of getting some vids out and maybe editing a couple things, who knows.

VERY busy with school and workin and yada yada all that: watching lots of films, writing screenplays, researching, ect.

Ghoul Poon has been getting some great exposure! Playing a couple big shows: A debut at Valentines hours ago opening for Sleigh Bells, as well as debuting on WEQX last Tues or Wed. Ghoul Poon is playing their biggest show yet at Northern Lights on Oct 14 opening for the legendary Lightning Bolt and Dan Decon Ensemble!

Shane is also putting together the 3rd annual “Do the Fright Thing” Halloween Compilation that will be up for free download at and on Lofi Kabuki probably. It features new and repeat artist all over the local and upstate new york region, and beyond.
For more Ghoul Poon info check out:

Peep the latest music from Lofi Kabuki:

Download the New, well anticipated Sime Gezus aka Pete Pluto double disk album “Da Mixed Ape” for free!

Also, just got around to uploading a few fun photos from the summer and this semster so far:


Burlington Fall 10


Everyone have a great month and Halloween!

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