Lea Bertucci & William Rees at Spring Street Gallery

lea liam
photo by Christopher Brown

Here’s an excerpt of the performance by Lea Bertucci and William Rees at Spring Street Gallery in Saratoga Springs, NY 7/6/13.

The video captures not only the sound and visual of the musicians themselves but also an interesting look at a couple pieces from the photography exhibit “Faces of Nepal” by Emma Dodge Hanson

Also a piece of Lea’s solo clarinet performance before the two of them played

Art Beyond the Gallery

art poster

I am showing a collage of video stuff and probably a debut music video at the Feneex gallery on Beekman St in Saratoga Springs later this month. It is not only videos that i have made and helped make but also an insight to me and the culture, art, and community that I am apart of.

The show is Sunday April 21st and will feature two other artists, check out the facebook event below for more detailed info, and come say hi.

Art Beyond the Gallery

Also, be sure to check out, like, share, and get involved in the
Super Dark Collective
on Facebook – Saratoga based artists and musicians

Here is an old demo reel I had thrown together for a class

William Rees at Spring Street Gallery

William Rees performs at Spring Street Gallery in Saratoga Springs, NY opening for the great Glenn Jones 2/9/13.

Much of his Rees’s music is greatly influenced, and derives from, living and studying in India (away from his home in upstate, NY).
Vaguely speaking I would consider his music mostly instrumental, acoustic, fingerpicking which reminds me of different places and feelings of nature, peace, freedom, traveling, soaring, and exploring.

Posted are 4 songs (the majority of the set) that i was able to capture in their entirety.

“Flooding the Valley”

“The Mazar of Faiyaz Khan”

“On The Sunny Side of the Ocean”

“The Crane: Its Flight and Return”

Free Download: William Rees – Transcendental Nights

Liam also does more experimental music with electric guitar and pedals under the name Curling Hands which is more heavy, doom-like, psyche noise.

To hear more check out the Curling Hands soundcloud

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