Peoples Pixel Project 2016

P3 16

P3 2016 Award Winners. Photo by Cheri Bordelon/ Peoples Pixel Project

I’m slow at updating, but the 7th Annual Lake George ArtsPeoples Pixel Project was a success; featuring 3 videos from Super Dark Collective:

-Sun Burdens “Fools Song” by Christopher Brown

-“Super Dark Season 1 Trailer” by Super Dark Home Video (award accepted by Brown)

-The Black Ships “Dead Empires” by John Gill

Chris P3 16
Christopher Brown receiving his awards. Photo by Cheri Bordelon/ Peoples Pixel Project

To see other videos and more info on Peoples Pixel Project and how to enter for next year visit the LGA P3 Page HERE


Chainsaw Disco @ PPP

Chainsaw Disco with their awards at the Peoples Pixel Project
Shane for Ghoul Poon’s “Cities of Scandal” Tunes category
Chris for Casey Schultz’s “Summer Session 2010” Get Reel category

Chainsaw Disco Submissions for Lake George Arts Film Fest

So Shane and I’s video submissions for the 3rd annual Lake Goerge Arts Peoples’ Pixel Project (a free Film Fest accepting videos in many cateogries from anyone within 100 mile radius of Lake George) are ready for shipping.

We have had good responses each year so far so we hope to continue this year equally well or better.

The finalists will be screened at Charles R Wood Theatre in Glens Falls on April 1t 2012.

Check out the Lake George Arts and Peoples’ Pixel Project pages


Havn’t updated in over a month…

Been very busy lately and losing some of the productive steam, but Chainsaw Disco does have some things in the works. Working on editing the Pete Pluto (Sime Gezus) music video “Lil Off Kilter” which I hope to submit, alongside other works by Shane and I, in this years Peoples’ Pixel Project film fest put on by Lake George Arts – -check it out. Chainsaw Disco Films won an award last year for our music video for Ghoul Poon “Delights and in the Flood.”

Also working on a facebook page for Chainsaw Disco Films that I will hound you all to ‘like’ soon.
Possibly starting a new music project too hopefuly, but we’ll see what happens…

In the mean time i have been reading my good friend, and occasional band mate, Asa’s blog where he’s been writing a novel for november it’s great –

Also checking out some new releases by Lofi Kabuki Records for FREE over at

Tis the season of getting cold and lazy but i’ll get more motivated soon.

Ghoul Poon: Peoples Pixel Project Finalist

“Delights And In The Flood” by Ghoul Poon, Directed by Asa Morris, Shane Sanchez, and Chris Brown is one of the finalists for the Lake George Arts Project’s 2nd Annual Peoples Pixel Project: for the tunes/ music video category. Pretty cool for a free short film fest accepting submissions up to 100 miles away…

The finalists will screen at Charles R. Wood Theatre in Glens Falls, NY on January 22nd, tickets are $10.
All video entries will be available for screening at the Courthouse Gallery in Lake George throughout the month of February also.

Check out Delights And In The Flood:

this music video features the music of Shane Sanchez and was amde in a single day durring the summer of 2010 as a remake of the original music video done by Asa Morris. We really liked the video which contained unoriginal footage of patients at a psychiatric center, so we decided to keep Asa’s vision and remake the video with all original footage (of ourselves and friends). We thank the help of all our friends involved and hope you enjoyed the video.

…and Lake George Arts Project:

The film fest winners are:
Best of Me”, Jenna Cavanaugh (Tunes)
Damn Artbitrary Life”, John-Paul J. Sliva (Short Shorts)
Delights and in the Flood, Ghoul Poon (Chris Brown, Shane Sanchez, and Asa Morris) (Tunes)
Fan (A Love Story)”, Lori Samsel (Animated)
From the Mountaintop”, Michael J. Camdin (Get Reel)
Greatest Man Alive”, Michael Feuerstein & Kevin Craig West (Narrative)
I on U”, Cassidy Jane Prince (U-14)
Jedi Parent Controller”, Drew Gruskin (Short Shorts)
Kicking Sawdust”, Kent Wian (Get Reel)
Motion Portrait Film”, Jon Yost (Tunes)
Oculi Animae Fenestras”, Jaime Bernat (Experimental)
Reel Adventures: Phenomenon “, Produced by middle school students of Mike Feuerstein (U-14)
Resume”, Jack Durnin (Animated)
Snack Track”, Lori Samsel (Short Shorts)
Strong Island Man”, Jeff O’Donnell and Philip C. Mucci (Narrative)
Terrible Parkour”, Michael Feuerstein (Get Reel)
The Drum Set”, Alexandre Gilmet (Narrative)
Triage: January 3, 2009, Gaza”, Jacqueline Weaver (Experimental)
Ven Dimensional”, Alex Burstein, Matt Nicoletta, John-Michael Fragnoli (Animated)
Voyeur: February 27, 2010, Chile”, Jacqueline Weaver (Experimental)
Water”, Cassidy Jane Prince (U-14)

We will also screen these “P3 Picks of Particular” Merit:
Boom!, Matt Lingenfelter and Manu Berduc, (Narrative)
Derek Jeter “, Brett Parsons, (U-14)
Ping-Pong”, Christopher Perrella, (Animated)
The Key “, Jack Durnin, (Experimental)

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