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a current link to my Facebook album Shows 2012… been a busy man lately, so much awesome music!

Brand new song and video from Ghoul Poon directed by Shane Sanchez and assistant director Christopher Brown.

Cities of Scandal was originally an Oink song, Oink being a side solo project of Sanchez. You can download both the Oink EPs for free at
The concept of the video was developed by Sanchez and Brown, starring Gary Ziroli (aka solo musician Capital Air). The film was filmed, directed, and edited by Sanchez in a single day with Brown assisting in filming and directing as well. This new version of Cities of Scandal is performed by Ghoul Poon (Asa Morris, Greg Tebbano, and Shane Sanchez). Produced by Ghoul Poon copyright 2011 Lofi Kabuki Records/ Chainsaw Disco Films.

A great Ghoul Poon review in Metroland… finally getting noticed for audio/ visual creativity and ambition instead of just an awesome band name. Check it out!

Metroland – Ghoul Poon

and check out Ghoul Poon and other great muscians at the next show in Troy!


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