Contact Kiss “Firewater” (Music Video)

Contact Kiss shoot

SUPER DARK HomeVideo presents the new Contact Kiss music video for “Firewater”
from the self titled EP available for free download at

Directed and Edited by Christopher Brown
Filmed by Contact Kiss (Nicholas Blair, Shane Sanchez, John Gill, Christopher Brown)
Lighting by John Gill
©2014 Lofi Kabuki Records / SUPER DARK HomeVideo / Bad Culture Films

The Skate Movies

After years of only being released on DVD and personally distributed to friends and the like, The Skate Movies are now on youtube! Directed by Nicholas Blair these old semi-full length skate videos from my past are classics. The first one released in 2005 and the second one released in 2006 took a lot of work and are very amateur in many ways but impressive in many ways also. We were the first skaters in this area to do something of this magnitude and put it out there, some great times and moments captured here with balling soundtracks… and part II featuring many beats by local artist Shane Sanchez (scissorhands).

The Skate Movie

starring Chris Brown, Steve Zaballa, and Casey Schultz featuring many guests and friends

The Skate Movie part II: The Saga Continues

starring Chris Brown, Brian Van Vlack, Steve Zaballa, and Casey Schultz featuring many guests and friends

Integrity In Tennis Shoes

… just reading the latest from my very good friend Nick’s tumblr, and figure i would post the link

Nick goes to school in NYC and post alot of music related things to national happenings to his favorite song of the day… as i usually do i was checking the latest and gettin some inspiration while reading his personal (and he has a very wide and open variety of music) list of top albums of 2010. He also goes to even far more shows than I do and post live pics and snappy comments and ya whatever give it a browse.

integrity in tennis shoes
follow him or whatever you tumblrs do

and speaking of shows…

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