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Been an awesome year for live music indeed and still going strong! My facebook album shows 2012 was getting too much so i started part II of it here’s the link:

and part 1 of course:

tons of greg acts from local to national, and plenty of new local live music videos coming soon!

a current link to my Facebook album Shows 2012… been a busy man lately, so much awesome music!

Ghoul Poon opened for Dan Deacon and Lightnin Bolt at Northern lights in Clifton Park, NY on 10/14/10.
Here are a couple songs (See below post for Dan Deacon and Lighning Bolt Videos).


Fatal Biology

and here’s a random clip i came across owning of the Grabass Cowboys live at UAG back on 2/7/09

Live at Northern Lights 10/14/10. In order as filmed. Filmed by Chris Brown… yes his name is spelled wrong in the video…

Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon bizarre dance party round 1

Dan Deacon crazy dance party round 2

Lightning Bolt


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