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This years Halloween Comp is complete and features a new solo-type song by me as well as a new song from Contact Kiss, and of course many other awesome local artist. check it out for free.

via Ghoul Poon / Lofi Kabuki

It’s finally here! That time of year when you bust out the Nirvana hoodies, mix your favorite whiskey with hot cider and debate whether or not donning blackface for your Mr. T costume would be a great idea. It’s also that time of year when yours truly opens his haunted email box & takes submissions for Upstate New York’s (and beyond) annual Halloween compilation series, ‘Do the Fright Thing’! This is year four, and as usual all apologies to those who didn’t make the cut.. Here is a fantastic collection of eerie music from some of the areas best electro rockers, punkers, noise-o-weirdos and folkies to make your costume party not suck. Enjoy!


Ghoul Poon opened for Dan Deacon and Lightnin Bolt at Northern lights in Clifton Park, NY on 10/14/10.
Here are a couple songs (See below post for Dan Deacon and Lighning Bolt Videos).


Fatal Biology

and here’s a random clip i came across owning of the Grabass Cowboys live at UAG back on 2/7/09

A great Ghoul Poon review in Metroland… finally getting noticed for audio/ visual creativity and ambition instead of just an awesome band name. Check it out!

Metroland – Ghoul Poon

and check out Ghoul Poon and other great muscians at the next show in Troy!

Here are some Ghoul Poon live videos from the Sleighbells show at Valentines in Albany, NY on 9/30/10.
This new Ghoul Poon lineup consists of a merging of Shane Sanchez and Severe Severe from Albany, the result is worth checking out!
Live video projection by Jason Cosco (1983).
The videos were filmed by Crystal Powell CAPow! Art & Design.

“Mighty Vortex of Sissy Abuser”

“Fatal Biology”

“Science of Horses”

More Ghoul Poon music videos and things check out:

More upstate. NY live videos check out:

other free music for download at

Been very busy in the music scene lately playing a few shows with Ghoul Poon last week as well as ending the weekend by seeing a reunion show by Cap N Jazz in NYC.

I have some little video stuff to do but i have been kinda lazy and just sitting on it… such as some more casey schultz skate footy, and some live footy of William Hale, and maybe something else…

There are more shows coming up too so check out the Shows link on my blog to see some flyers, many are linked to facebook events. Examples 😉

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