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Finally with a new computer and some rediscovered live footage, I have some more local live music to share.

From the Haiti Benefit at Park Street Theatre in Glens Falls, NY 11/4/11

The Black Ships “Legion” (the official, awesome, debut of The Black Ships)


Little Spoon

and from an Upstate Artists Guild show 10/28/11


A great Ghoul Poon review in Metroland… finally getting noticed for audio/ visual creativity and ambition instead of just an awesome band name. Check it out!

Metroland – Ghoul Poon

and check out Ghoul Poon and other great muscians at the next show in Troy!

Download it For FREE here:

Presented by Ghoul Poon, this Halloween compilation contains 25 tracks gtom local upstate new york area and national artists, and is awesome! I am on it once again this year with the opening track “Call Me Monster.”

Track List:
1. Christopher Brown – Call Me Monster
2. Black Andy – Graverobber
3. The Strange Walls – There Was an Old Woman all Skin and Bone
4. Marlo Eggplant – Bleep Babble
5. Cacaw – Pazuzu
6. Ghoul Poon – No Tricks ’til the Wound’s Treated
7. Holy Sheet – Warewulf
8. 1983 – Lonely Ghosts
9. Kite Person – Bloodsport
10. EGP – Trails from the Crypt
11. Le Sphinxx – Red Light
12. Wild Orphan – Asleep with Her Death
13. Capital Air – Dead Flowers
14. Pinkriverdolphin – Skeleton Dance
15. Nursing Home Discoveries – The Hitchiker
16. Manburger Surgical – Dismal Phantasm (Edit)
17. Tobiaz – You Fear It
18. Zilmrah – Spooks in a Shadow (Edit)
19. William Hale – The Tall Harvest
20. Girls of Porn – NBA Jam
21. Catacombz – Gold Mold
22. Advaita – The Ballad of Sid Vicious
23. Human Host & American Folklore – Eye of Newt
24. Birthdays – I’ve Been Growin
25. Asamorris – Let the Leaves Fall

Ghoul Poon’s music video for “No Tricks til The Wound’s Treated”
Directed by Shane Sanchez

Here are some Ghoul Poon live videos from the Sleighbells show at Valentines in Albany, NY on 9/30/10.
This new Ghoul Poon lineup consists of a merging of Shane Sanchez and Severe Severe from Albany, the result is worth checking out!
Live video projection by Jason Cosco (1983).
The videos were filmed by Crystal Powell CAPow! Art & Design.

“Mighty Vortex of Sissy Abuser”

“Fatal Biology”

“Science of Horses”

More Ghoul Poon music videos and things check out:

More upstate. NY live videos check out:

other free music for download at

Check Out the New FREE downloadable album from Ghoul Poon

Lofi Kabuki Bandcamp


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