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Here’s ASA MORRIS AND THE MESS, featuring Chris Bassett, as Tom Waits for Summer Undercover 2 at Pauly’s Hotel & The Low Beat in Albany, NY 7/26/16.
*A better quality audio is up fro FREE download/ stream at the AM&TM BANDCAMP
1. Big In Japan
2. Hang On St. Christopher
3. Chocolate Jesus
4. Bad As Me
5. What’s He Building?

This performance was:
Asa Morris: Guitar, Vox
Alicia Macier: Accordion
Gina Denardo: Drums
Christopher Brown: Bass, Backup Vox
Chris Bassett: Noise
Other dates coming up for AM&TM:
am&tm summer dates


Valerie and an Ampeq PortaBass250 #catsonamps
HUGE thanks to @njbenj and @noechodotnet for featuring @superdarkcollective’s efforts toward supporting original music and staying creative and productive during the Covid-19 pandemic! Much love! Shout outs to @100psychicdreams @madeline_darby @gwziroli @bcarlton @peopleintheskyy @theblackships & @sinkcharmer Check out the article on our blog at or at No Echo:
Wowowow! Please check out this local quarantine-made compilation organized by @ksonin2 with the help of @architraveband to support @directrelief - an important organization providing aid and assistance during/ against COVID-19! I’m honored to have “She Was Ambitious” (an unplanned quarantine collaboration song with @confidently_mediocre) included amongst all these excellent artists and tracks! Listen/ more info at
Recent Stuff & Things: Creepy Cabinet Monster Dad-Rug Neato Wreath Tree Work without Power Wiz Kid Apt. X-roads
TONIGHT! TUNE IN! 🧛🏻‍♂️🧛🏻‍♀️👁💀👁🧙🏻‍♀️🧙🏻‍♂️
Art, oh my! Pt. 1 Photos of me by @tessiabek
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Happy Mother’s Day! This is my mom Karen when she was roughly my age in the middle of nowhere, ME. This is one of her favorite pictures of herself. Tan and shoe game on lock! ❤️
Madeline Darby at Send More Devo Studios for Buck Gooter’s Night In live strean event 5/9/20
The kitchen that I never cooked in
Casual Art Viewer vs. Reactor House

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