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Hey all. So in effort to “expand” and also because of my Social Networking summer class, I am now on Twitter and Tumblr. So if you Tweet and/or Tumbl let’s be friends.


Hope you all enjoy yuor summer I’ll be doing this class: reading Neil Postman and Henry Jenkins among reading and watching other things. And the last weeek of June i’m doing an intensive Ecosystems of Champlain Valley class with Ryan. Peace.

school is over so working on some things. taking two summer classes, going to be staying plenty busy. if ur on tumblr check out some stuff i’ve been posting… new, old, friend related, music related, ect.

Chris Brown Productions Tumblr

live video of when Ivan and I played the GUmbo art show at Burlington College

Chris Brown Productions now has a tumblr page now for better or worse so that i can repost my work and friends work on there as well.

Chris Brown Productions on tumblr

So if ur on there, follow me

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